Mission Impossible Statement

So here I am, joining the invisible throng of millions who have committed their thoughts to the Internet.

Should I establish what I want to do here? Impossible, even I haven’t a clue.

I could have started out with a real post, something with substance, but I’d rather pretend I have some sort of goal to accomplish. Because let’s be honest, the only reason anyone starts a public blog is to pump up her ego.

But give this a read, if you have the time. If you tripped upon this by chance, then I consider myself lucky and hope you’re open-minded. If I sent you the link, hoping you’d indulge my need for recognition, I thank you for bothering to click on it. Regardless, I hope you find brash humor, an undying love for written art, and a candid perspective on the world that would rival even the most established cynics.

Wish me luck!

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